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Tech talk with a french twist.


About me

My name is JP Castro from Lyon, France. I am a front end engineer living in San Francisco, passionate about web development in general and have a big interest for web performance optimization (WPO) in particular. Fluent with many technologies (Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS) and having high interest for others (Single page applications, Python, Ruby), I greatly value open source software and test/behavior driven development. When I am not talking about web development or performance, I enjoy spending time with my wonderful wife and super chill dog. Other hobbies of mine include being outdoors, sipping craft beer, enjoying a freshly made cappucino, consuming a full jar of nutella, listening music and playing video games.


This blog is powered by the awesome Octopress. It’s a great piece of open source software, trivial to install, has great documentation and gets out of your way so that you can focus on the important stuff.

For hosting I am using the Heroku platform. Also, I’ve been wanting to take CloudFlare for a spin, so I’ve set up their performance and security proxy service in front of Heroku.

Finally, the monkey face used as logo and avatar is part of the Gnome icon theme and is licensed under GNU GPL.