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Hello World

In December 2011, I wrote a guest post on the Performance Calendar blog (a project from Stoyan Stefanov). While I’ve been using the Internet for ages and reading blogs for a long time*, I actually never owned my own blog. The Performance Calendar article was a premiere for me.

This was a very interesting and enriching experience. I never thought I would have enjoyed writing so much. Not only that, I also really liked the preparation phase (researching and gathering the information I needed for my post). Finally, I liked getting some feedback after publication.

Earlier this year, my wife and I were chatting about our year 2011, looking back at it and discussing what we wanted to accomplish in 2012. One item on my list was: starting a blog. I enjoyed writing a guest post enough that I wanted to make it a recurring habit. Better get going!

So here we are, April 2012, introducing my blog “Tech talk with a french twist”. You can expect to read about web development in general and web performance in particular. I am also thinking to post book reviews (both technical and non-technical). Occasionaly, I may talk about gadgets or life in general.

Welcome to my blog, I hope you’ll enjoy the reading.

* If I recall properly, I have been using Intenet since 1999 and reading blogs since 2004/2005.

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